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Auto Repair You Can Trust... !!!

We Care About Your Car !

Auto Repair You Can Trust... !!!

We Care About Your Car !

Just Some of Our Trusted Services...!

Check Engine Light on

We offer a FREE computer scan to determine why your check engine light is on.

Full Synthetic Oil Service

We use high quality DEXOS full synthetic oil which decreases harmful deposits by up to 28 percent.

Scheduled Maintenance

Come see us for regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent costly repairs in the future,


For your safety and reliability, trust your brake work to BG Auto Care.

A/C and Heating

Ask us about our Coolant System Flush and our comprehensive A/C and Heating Evaluation:


At BG Auto Care, our technicians will thoroughly test your charging system and recommend an alternator replacement ONLY if needed.

Engine and Transmission

At BG Auto Care, our experienced mechanics can replace your engine or transmission for much less than you might pay at a dealership.


Struts and Shocks are components in the safety and ride comfort of your vehicle. Let our technicians check out the suspension and steering for a smooth and safe ride.

Cooling System

Overheating of your engine can cause permanent damage. The best preventative is to have your cooling system checked often

Power Steering

If you are hearing a noise when you turn the steering wheel or if it becomes harder to turn, your power steering system may need to be inspected.


We offer a wide range of quality tires to our customers at low markup.

Pre-Inspections And
General Services

If you are looking at buying a used vehicle, our $55 Pre-Purchase Inspection is a wise investment

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