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Auto Repair You Can Trust... !!!

We Care About Your Car !

Auto Repair You Can Trust... !!!

We Care About Your Car !

BG Auto Care Services


Brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle.  For your safety and reliability, trust your brake work to BG Auto Care.  We install high quality ceramic pads and resurface the rotors if they are within specifications.  We don’t cut corners…care is taken in all of our brake services to clean, inspect and lubricate the brake hardware and components to ensure the best breaking efficiency possible. 

ABS and Brake Fluid:

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is designed to ensure that the wheels do not stop rotating during braking which helps prevent the car from skidding.  This offers greater control under hard stopping.  If your ABS light comes on, come to BG Auto Care at your earliest so we can assess what is going on and get it fixed.

Brake Calipers, Pads, Rotors:

The brake calipers squeeze the pads against the rotor when you press the brake.  Scraping and squealing noises are possible indications that your brakes need attention.  If you delay getting your brakes looked at, then there could be metal-on-metal and ruin your rotors.  Resurfacing the rotors provides a smooth stop and increases the life of the pads. 

Brake Fluid Flush:

Over time, brake fluid will absorb water from the air causing the brake system to become less efficient.  As part of our Oil Change Service we inspect the brake fluid and notify you if we see that you might need a brake fluid flush the next oil change.